Sustainable development

Sustainable development as a foundation for building the GSE Group's corporate governance system

GSE Group uses the best domestic and international sustainable development practices. The integrated management system implemented in GSE Group enterprises covers all  main and supporting business processes of the holding company and is aimed at:

  • Meeting consumer requirements and expectations for timely receipt of high quality products and services
  • Ensuring safe working conditions, preserving the life and health of employees and developing human potential
  • Being environmentally friendly at all production cycle stages

The enterprises' ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 certifications confirm compliance of GSI Group's integrated management system with the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization.


Occupational health & safety and environmental protection are the key priorities of the GSI Group

To unconditionally meet their objectives in the areas of occupational health & safety and environmental protection, GSE Group entities  commit themselves to:

  • Observing the laws of the Russian legislation, domestic and international regulations and standards including ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
  • Developing and implementing sets of measures aimed at ensuring safe working conditions, preserving the life and health of employees, preventing occupational injuries, controlling environmental pollution and minimizing negative environmental impact
  • Ensuring the functioning and continuous improvement of the occupational health & safety and environmental management systems, inter alia, by engaging employees in the development and implementation of specialized initiatives
  • Improving employee awareness of practical application of ISO standards and sustainable development principles as part of the corporate staff training program
  • Maintaining and developing a sectoral dialog on industrial and environmental safety issues with Customers, government authorities and other stakeholders
  • Summary data on the results of a special assessment of working conditions in JSC "GSI" are published here

Sustainable Development Goals

GSE Group companies align their activities with the Sustainable Development Goals focusing on the following goals: