Interrelated business lines ensure sustainable long-term development of GSE Group

Performing a full range of design work (developing feasibility studies, design documentation, detailed design documentation, adapting any Licensor's design documentation to Russian standards, process design and modeling, re-engineering, 3D-modeling, defending solutions at the General Board of State Expert Review (Glavgosexpertiza) and State Environmental Expert Review Board), conducting engineering surveys and examinations, designer and technical supervision. GSE Group’s design institute has unique competencies in designing petrochemical and chemical production facilities.
Full range of construction and installation works including installation of steel structures, installation of process, column and rotating equipment, installation of pipelines, general construction works, electrical installation, installation of instrumentation and control equipment, low-current and HVAC systems, thermal insulation, corrosion and fire protection.
Maintenance and repair of process, pumping and compressor equipment; maintenance, repair, inspection and testing of shutoff valves; maintenance, repair, calibration and testing of safety valves; manufacturing of custom equipment; inspection, pressure testing, repairs involving replacement of tubes in air cooler sections and heat exchanger bundles, including manufacture and repair of electrical equipment.
Development of operational and technical documentation, analysis of design and technical documentation, technical management of works involving individual and comprehensive testing of process equipment, start-up and bringing a facility to its normal process mode, performing trial runs at design capacity using raw materials with manufacturing of finished products of design quality and quantity; education and training of operating staff.
Providing a wide range of insurance services including cargo insurance, voluntary medical insurance, mortgage insurance, legal entities’ mortgage and property insurance. The GSE Group’s insurance company, JSC Insurance Group "Spasskiye Vorota", is licensed for over 20 types of insurance and is a member of All-Russia Union of Insurers and Russian Association of Motor Insurers.
IT services
Providing services for customized development of specialized software, uninterrupted support of corporate services, network and communication infrastructure maintenance. LLC "TNS-RU", the Group’s internal IT integrator, provides a full range of high-quality IT services within the holding company and focuses on designing specialized tools to enable long-term development of GSE Group.

Our resources

~6 000
Full-time employees in specialized departments for design, engineering preparation of production, construction management, commissioning
and service work
1 200+
Units of machinery and equipment, including cranes of various lifting capacities, vehicles, road construction equipment and unique welding equipment
NWIA-certified welding technologies for steels and alloys and their combinations, own certified quality control laboratories and training and certification centers

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