«Globalstroy-Engineering» was established fifteen years ago as a service provider to the large-scale oil and gas field development projects in Western Siberia as well as oil refining projects in Russia and abroad. From the very beginning our aim was to create the leading construction company. We are convinced that only a team of fellow-thinkers, which is constantly evolving and improving and is capable of adopting all new and progressive may become the leader and be able to retain this leadership. The trust of Clients is the condition of success for any enterprise, that is why the basis of our corporate culture is the motto «QUALITY – SCHEDULE – PRICE».



We are guided by this principle in our relations with partners, as well as in our selection, training and motivation of our personnel. We believe that our employees are the most valuable asset of the Company, and that they are the source of energy for development of our structure at all levels. It is this corporate culture that enabled us to assemble a team of highly professional managers, capable of rapidly mobilising the resources necessary for implementation of even the most sophisticated projects. This corporate culture, common for the employees within all enterprises of our Group, makes our work effective. The common goals and interaction within all enterprises enable us to reduce risks, while combining both common sense and the courage to develop innovative solutions.


Over 25 years of work of JSC GSE have gained a successful implementation experience:

  • Over 100 oil and gas field infrastructure development projects;
  • Facilities construction and upgrading at 10 oil-refining and petrochemical complexes;
  • Over 13 000 km of main and flow oil and gas product lines constructed;
  • 3 major off-shore and 5 on-shore oil & petroleum shipment terminals commissioned;
  • 3 offshore ice-resistant fixed platforms constructed;
  • Over 3 000 km of federal and regional highways put into operation;
  • Over 2 700 km of high-voltage lines erected.

Over the years of successful experience the Company has gone a long way:


In January 1994, the decision was made to set up the CJSC LUKOIL-Neftegazstroy – the subsidiary company of OJSC NK «LUKOIL». The Company was to become a service provider to the large-scale oil and gas field development projects in Western Siberia as well as oil refining projects in Russia and abroad. The close cooperation with its main partner – OJSC «LUKOIL» became the base for the establishment of the Company as one of the largest construction companies in Russia.


The Company became the core of an independent multi-functional construction holding CJSC «Globalstroy-Engineering» incorporating Construction, Installation, Engineering, Leasing and other entities specialized in oil and gas facilities, civil/industrial infrastructure and road construction.


The signing of Strategic Cooperation Agreement with OJSC NK «LUKOIL» up to 2009 as well as establishment of relations with the largest oil and gas operators ensured further development and economic growth of the Company. Subsequent years were marked with commissioning of the largest facilities in the Oil and Gas industry.


The following projects were put into operation:

  • Offshore Terminal in Vysotsk, Phase II, capacity - 14.5 mln tons/year;
  • «Sakhalin 1» Project, Export Oil Pipeline - 133 km;
  • Catalytic Reforming Complex at Volgograd Oil Refinery, capacity -1 mln tons/year.


The following projects were put into operation:

  • Polypropylene Complex in Budennovsk, capacity - 120 000 t/year;
  • Isomerization Units at Volgograd and Perm Oil Refineries, capacity - 384 000 t/year each;
  • Pipeline, Gas Preliminary Treatment Unit and completion of Denghizkul field development in Uzbekistan;
  • Upgrading and expansion of Yuzhno-Balyksky Gas Treatment Plant, capacity - 1 500 mln m3/year.


2008 became the new milestone in the history of the Company: the type of ownership was changed and «Globalstroy-Engineering» became an Open Joint-Stock Company.

The Company commissioned the following facilities:

  • Varandey Oil Terminal (VNOT), capacity - 12 mln tons/year;
  • Yuzhnoe-Hylchuyu CPF – «Varandey» Onshore Tank Farm (OTF) oil pipeline (dia 20”, length – 162 km), on pile trestles in permafrost soils with the pipe heating system, underwater crossings carried out by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method;
  • Offshore Oil Pipeline (dia 32”, length – 47 km) at Varandey Oil Shipment Terminal;
  • Main Pipeline for Commercial and Fuel Gas (dia 28” and 8”, length 45 and 50 km), condensate line (dia 8”, length 45.5 km). 2” – 13” pipelines, total length - 50 km. «Construction of facilities of Khauzak Denghizkul field» Project in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • «Sakhalin 2» Project - Main Onshore Oil and Gas Pipelines (20”, 24” and 48”, total length is 1640 km).


The Company continued to upgrade and construct oil refining and petrochemical facilities, site and infrastructure facilities and completed the following:

  • Construction of Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Unit (SAAU), capacity - 100 000 tons/year, upgrades of primary Oil-Refining Unit АD-5 (4 mln tons/year), construction of VDM-1 unit (up to 2,3 mln tons/year) for «LUKOIL-NEFTOCHIM BURGAS» АD;
  • Upgrading of Fuel Hydrotreating Unit L-24-8 for «LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotkа» LLC;
  • Completed set of works on Usinsk oilfield - CPF «Usa - Tyazhelaya neft» project;
  • Commissioning of Catalytic Cracking Complex on LLC «LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez», capacity - 2,0 mln tons/year;
  • Construction of PVC and Caustic Soda Production on LLC «Каrpatneftechim», Ukraine;
  • In December 2009 the Strategic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement with OJSC «LUKOIL» in the field of construction, capital repair, commissioning and maintenance (service), and other industrial facilities was extended.

Furthermore, the Company completed industrial and civil construction of two factories for SCA Hygiene Products Russia in Tula region.


Approved a new official full and abbreviated name of the Company:
«Open Joint-Stock Company «Globalstroy-Engineering», or OJSC GSE.

  • Commissioned Delayed Coker - 1 400 000 tons/year, Diesel Fuel Hydrotreating Unit - 2 000 thous. tons/year, started construction of CDU Unit (4 000 mn3/hour) for LLC «LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotkа»;
  • Completed revamp and full repair of Delayed Coker Unit (up to 1 200 thous. t/year) for LLC «LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez»;
  • Fulfilled technical re-equipment of the Off-plot Facilities and CDU unit (2 000 thous. t/year) on LLC «LUKOIL-Ukhtaneftepererabotka»;
  • Completed construction of Combined Unit for Deep Refining of Fuel Oil, including Condensate Treatment Unit for OJSC «Kinef».
  • OJSC GSE and its subsidiaries GSE Volgograd Firm NZM LLC and GSE-SNEMA LLC completed process equipment, piping and electrical installation works. OJSC GSE started operations to tow the offshore ice-resistant platform «Prirazlomnaya» to the Prirazlomnoe field on Pechora Sea shelf, Murmansk region, Russia.


  • Completed upgrades of HDU L-35-8/3006 (320 000 t/year) for «LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsyntez» LLC.
  • Completed the construction of Hydro-Treating Unit (2 000 thou. t/year) for «LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotka» LLC.
  • Completed the construction of interfield oil pipeline «Kharyaga-South Hylchuyu», linear section «Kharyaga-Inzyrey» and interfield gas pipeline «Inzyrey-Kharyaga».
  • Has been implementing two major international projects: Kharyaga development field project for TOTAL – Phase III, EPSCC 4 (Package 4) for CPF upgrade in Republic of Komi, Russia, and IKRA PVC project (330 000 t/y) in Kstovo, Nizhniy Novgorod region.
  • Has been carrying out a full set of works (detailed design, equipment and material procurement, construction and commissioning) for Central Process Platform within Filanovskiy field development project.


  • Upgrading of LG-24-7 is completed. Technical re-equipment of the reactor block of the diesel hydrotreating unit at «LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez» LLC.
  • Completed the construction of a railway terminal for storage and shipment of P, B and SNG for OJSC «Orenburgneft».
  • Completed the construction and assembly works of the project «Warehouse of liquefied petroleum gas extension (LPG-2)» within the project «Combined Catalytic Cracking Complex-2».
  • Completed the construction of the project Construction of the PVC «IKRA» Production Complex» with capacity of 330 thous. tons per year in Kstovo, the largest and most modern plant in Europe for the production of the PVC.
  • In 2014 the installation was completed of the topside facilities of the central technological platform (TF CTP) on the assembly site in Ilyinka (V.Filanovsky oilfield). The complex of sophisticated technological works was done for lifting, weighing and setting the TF CTP upon the transporting frame, and sliding of the structure of about 11 tons to transporting and installation barge.


Approved a new official full and abbreviated name of the Company:
«Joint-Stock Company «Globalstroy-Engineering», or JSC GSE.

  • Completion of works and commissioning of the Catalytic Cracking Unit and LPG Unit within the framework of the project of construction of a Catalytic Cracking Complex with annual capacity of 2.0 million MT/year (CCC-2), LLC LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez.
  • Fulfillment of obligations to TOTAL concerning the completion of a coordinated scope of works as part of Stage 3 of the Kharyaga field Central Production Facility (CPF) Modernization Project.
  • Completion of construction and commissioning of DTS-1 6kV (distribution transformer substation), DTS-2 6kV (distribution transformer substation), TS (unit 009) 6/0 (transformer substation), 4kV, Lukoil-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez LLC.


  • Completion of CIW and SU&C at the facilities "MTBE Production Plant. FCC Complex" and "MTBE Plant Utilities" for Syzran Refinery JSC.
  • Completion of the works at the Stavrolen Gas Chemical Complex related to: Gas Processing Unit; First start-up complex with the capacity of 2.2 bcm/year; Gas Adsorption Drying Unit.


  • Completion of the construction of the following surface facilities at the Vostochno-Lambeyshorskoye and Bayandynskoye fields: well pads, oil pipelines, enhanced oil recovery facilities; Vostochny Lambeyshor and Bayandynskaya oil treatment plants; VPNN (booster pump station) Expansion; Gas pipeline from Vostochny Lambeyshor oil treatment plant; Oil pipeline from Severo-Ipatskoye oil field to Bayandynskaya oil treatment plant, OOO LUKOIL-Komi.
  • Completion of works related to construction, installation, and commissioning of GPP-2 110/6kV (main step-down substation), 40 MW; RCP-3 35/6kV (central power distribution station), 16 MW; RCP-1 (central power distribution station) 35/6kV, 25 MW, JSC Syzran Oil Refinery.
  • Completion of construction and commissioning of TS-81, TS-90 at the Kuibyshev Refinery JSC.
  • Completion of construction of a gas pipeline at the Severo-Gubkinskoye oil and gas condensate field, TPE Kogalymneftegaz, OOO LUKOIL-Western Siberia.
  • Completion of construction and commissioning, under EPC terms, of the Central Processing Platform and crossover between LSP-1 and Central Processing Platform, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft.
  • Completion of construction and commissioning, under EPC terms, of Ice Resistant Fixed Platform No.2 (LSP-2), OOO LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft.


  • Completion of construction of JSC Shchekinoazot production complex with capacity of 450,000 MT/year of methanol, and 135,000 MT/year of ammonia.
  • Completion of a set of works on technical upgrade of the flare facilities and modernization of the plant-wide flare manifold at the JSC Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez (Slavneft-Yanos) enterprise.
  • Completion of a reconstruction of the downstream oil pipeline from the Pashshor Booster Pump Station to the Yuzhno-Shapkinskoye Central Production Facility of OOO LUKOIL-Komi.