Construction of Refining facilities


  • Engineering, construction, single and capital revamps of refining facilities;
  • Installation of process - electrical and mechanical equipment as well as distributed control systems (DCS) at refineries;
  • Start-Up and Commissioning works.


Current Projects:
  • LLC «LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez»
    Petroleum Residue Recycling complex;
    Ground installation and Off-plant facilities.
  • LLC «LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez»
    Combined Catalytic cracking unit - Stage II;
    Warehouse of liquified petroleum gas Extention;
    Construction of Isomerization Unit PENEX.
  • OJSC NK Rosneft
    MTBE production unit;
    Vacuum Gas Oil Hydrofining unit on Syzransky Refinery;
    FCC Catalytic cracking unit on Kuibyshev Refinery.
  • LLC «LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotkа»
    CDU / VDU unit - 6 mln t/yr.
  • OJSC «Kamaglavstroy»
    Hydrocracker complex.
Completed Projects:
  • LLC «LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez»
    Catalytic cracking complex;
    LPG storage facility;
    UVG (GTS) absorption and separation unit for the CDU units;
    Revamp of Primary Refining Unit АVТ-5 with increase in capacity up to 8 mln tons;
    Catalytic reforming unit - 1 mln t/yr;
    Oil tar visbreaking unit for catalytic cracking complex.
  • OJSC «LUKOIL-Оdessa Oil Refinery»
    Revamp of CDU unit for visbreaking process of 800 thous. t/yr capacity.
    Sulphuric acid alkylation unit (SAА);
    Revamp of primary oil-refining unit АD-5 and VDM-1;
    Revamp of catalytic cracking and reforming unit S-200;
    N-butane Isomerization unit - 50 thous. t/yr;
    Automated load rack - 6 t/day;
    Revamp of «Gas Sulphur» unit.
  • LLC «RN-Тuapse Refinery»
    Construction of tank farm with 3 tanks of 20 thous. cub. m with protective wall at «RN-Тuapse Refinery» LLC.
  • LLC «LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez»
    Revamp and full repair of Delayed Coking unit (DCU) - up to 1 200 thous. t/yr;
    «Ti-Star» Advanced Refining Complex including sulphur unit, hydrogen unit, hydrocracker, stripping and regeneration of аmine with capacity of 3.5 mln t/yr;
    Paraffines C5-C6 Isomerization unit with 370 thous. t/yr capacity.
  • LLC «Kirishinefteorgsintez»
    Advanced Refining Complex.
    Hydrocraker complex.
  • LLC «LUKOIL-Ukhtaneftepererabotka»
    Technical refurbishment of CDU unit - 2 000 thous. t/yr and Reheat Furnace P-103;
    Technical re-equipment of the Off-plot facilities;
    Retrofitting of the Catalytic reforming unit with isomerization unit;
    72 tank handling facility bridges for dark and light oil products;
    Tank farm of total capacity 250 thous. cub. m.
    Revamp of the Primary oil-refining unit АТ-1 with increase in capacity up to 3.5 mln tons.
    GDS-850 hydro-dewaxing unit with 850 thou. t/yr capacity;
    АТ-2 unit, converted to visbreaker with 800 thous. t/yr capacity.
  • OJSC NK Rosneft
    Revamp of the Hydrotreating unit at Syzransky Refinery;
    Technical refurbishment and full revamp of units at Kuibyshev and Novokuibyshev Refineries.
  • Private SC «Kherson Refinery»
    Capital projects of CDU-2 units facilities.
  • LLC «LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotkа»
    Diesel fuel hydrotreating unit, Stage II - 2 000 thous. t/yr;
    Delayed coking unit (DCU) for coke and bitumen production facility - 1 400 thous. t/yr;
    Diesel fuel hydrotreating unit, Stage I - 1 400 thous. t/yr;
    КМ-3 lubricant mixing complex - 70 thous. t/yr;
    Coke calcination unit - 100 thous. t/yr;
    Catalytic reforming unit PR 22-35/1000 - 1 mln t/yr;
    Isomerization unit - 370 thous. t/yr.
  • LLC «NOVATEK - Purovsky Plant»
    Construction of LPG-2 and LPG-4.