Construction of Pipelines and Terminals


  • Engineering and construction of main pipeline systems;
  • Welding, mechanical and coating works during installation of pipelines;
  • Start-up, commissioning and maintenance works.


Current Projects:

  • Overhaul of PLC «Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk» gas pipelines in Tyumen region.
  • LLC «Orenburgneft»
    Railhead for storage and shipment of propane, butane and stable natural gasoline.
    Loading rack on Purovskiy Condensate Processing plant.
Completed Projects:
  • «Kharyaga - Yuzhnoye Hylchuyu» Complex of oil transportation and «Inzyrey - Kharyaga» gas pipeline, - over 200 km and terminal facilities, Customer: Business Unit «Severneftegaz»;
  • Varandey Oil Shipment Terminal with 12 mln t/yr capacity, including 4 tanks with 50 thous. cub. m capacity;
    Offshore oil pipeline (dia 32 inches, length 47 km) at Varandey Oil Shipment Complex;
    Oil pipeline CGP «Yuzhnoe Hylchuyu» - Offshore tank farm «Varandey» (dia 20 inches, length 162 km);
  • Oil Distribution – Transshipment Complex in Vysotsk with 14,5 mln. t/yr capacity, including 19 tanks with 20 thous. cub. m capacity;
  • «Caspian Pipeline Consortium» Oil Pipeline System - «Теnghiz-Novorossiysk» pipeline (dia 40 inches, length 45 km) and Oil-loading Terminal, Novorossiysk (Tank Farm with 4х100 thous. cub. m capacity);
  • «Sakhalin-1» Project. Маin export oil pipeline from the OPF Chayvo and the Odoptu to the De-Kastri Terminal (dia 24 and 36 inches, total length 362,9 km). Crossing over Chayvo Bay and Val river made by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) method;
  • «Sakhalin-2» Project. Маin surface oil and gas pipelines (dia 20, 24 and 48 inches, total length 1 640 km);
  • Overhaul of main gas pipeline systems on PLC «Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk» in Tyumen region. Replacement and reinsulation of 56 inches pipes with total length of 400 km;
  • First start-up complex of oil-product pipeline «Perm - Аlmetyevsk - West» (dia 16 inches, length 350 km);
  • Inlet and outlet gas pipelines at Sosnogorsk Gas Processing Plant (dia 28–40 inches, length 17,4 km);
  • Маin oil pipeline «Yuzhnо-Shapkinskoye Field – Khariyaga Terminal», on supports and with heating systems (dia 12 inches, length 105 km);
  • Маin gas pipeline «Nakhodkinskoe field - GCS 1 - Yamburgskaya» (dia 40 inches, length 94,2 km) with underwater crossing over Tazovskaya Bay (dia 48 inches, length 22,6 km);
  • Main gas pipelines for commercial and fuel gas (dia 28 and 8 inches, length 45 and 50 km),
    condensate pipeline (dia 8 inches, length 45,5 km).
    Pipelines with dia of 2–13 inches, total length is 50 km.
    «Construction of Hauzak Denghizkulskoe oilfield facilities» Project in Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Tanks with 50 thous. cub. m capasity for «LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas» AD; 
  • Маin gas pipeline system «Yamal - Еurope» (dia 56 inches, total length 450 km;