Oilfield Development

At present we are working at 78 various oil and gas fields in Russia with annual production of approximately 90 mln tons including:
  • 27 fields in Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous district, Western Siberia;
  • 8 fields in Nenets autonomous district;
  • 20 fields in Komi Republic;
  • 11 fields in Perm;
  • 12 fields in Volgograd region.


Current Projects:

  • Total E&P Russia
    Retrofitting CGP on Kharyaga Field.
  • LLC «LUKOIL-West Siberia» Interfield pipelines construction - over 560 km.
  • LLC «LUKOIL-Komi»
    Interfield pipelines construction - over 290 km;
    Oil treatment plant (OTU) on Kyrtaelskoe Field;
    Preliminary water removal unit construction on Passhorskoe Field;
    Construction of Booster Pump station on Lambeyshorskoe Field;
    Bayadynskoe oilfield development.
    OTU «Pavlovka» revamp;
    Gas pipeline to Yayvinskaya GRES Power plant.
  • LLC «Volgodeminoyl»
    Fields development in Volgograd region.
  • OJSC ANK «Bashneft»
    Construction of infield pipelines on R.Trebsa and A.Titov Field.
    Booster station on Yurkharovskoe oilfield;
    Booster station on Khancheyskoe oilfield;
    Modernization of the LACT unit №568.

Completed Projects during the last years:

    Oil treatment plant (OTU) on Varandey Field.
  • Neste Oil
    Construction of Oil Treatment & Storage Complex of Yuzhno-Shapkinskoe Field and Kharyaga-Usinsk oil pipeline.
  • Total E&P Russia
    Kharyaga Field development - I stage.
  • LLC «LUKOIL-Komi»
    OTU «USA Tyajelaia neft» with 2 mln t/yr capacity of oil.
  • LLC «LUKOIL-Uzbekistan Operating Company»
    Field development in Hauzakskiy assets of Dengizkulskaia Group of fields.
  • LLC «LUKOIL-West Siberia»
    GTPP-48 MW on Povhovskoe Field;
    Pyakiahinskoe Field development;
    Stock tanks for LPG storage.
  • Carried out over 10 mln cub. m. of Hydro-powered soil inwash
  • 19 Booster stations and 6 oil preparation units with 1,5 tо 5,0 mln t/yr capacity.
  • 6 gas compressor stations with 350 - 1 200 cub. m/yr capacity;
  • Over 250 km of interfield and infield roads with hard surface;
  • Over 1 400 km of high-voltage power lines from 6 kV up to 35kV;
  • Field pipelines - over 6 000 km and dia. from 114 to 720 mm;