Joint-Stock Company «Globalstroy-Engineering»


Joint-Stock Company «Globalstroy-Engineering» is one of the largest companies in Russia, providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to the Oil and Gas industry in Russia and CIS. At present, JSC GSE is the core of the multi-functional construction holding, which also includes entities specializing in Civil and Structural projects, Erection works, Pipeline, Engineering and other activities.



Social Responsibility


JSC GSE - is a socially responsible Company.
We strive to do everythibg in our power to create new jobs, improve professional skills, provide adequate working conditions and social security for our employees.


The construction Group «Globalstroy-Engineering» employs over 18000 thousand highly-qualified specialists with a wealth of work experience. We see our task in creation of favorable conditions for a continious training and improvement of personnel qualification. Areas of priority include:

  • Training and certification of specialists in accordance with ISO9001 requirements, including oversees training;
  • Assistance to the employees in obtaining the second higher education degree and re-training of specialists in more than 20 largest institutions and qualification improvement centers;
  • Workers qualifications improvement of practices in the industry’s training centers;
  • Dedicated training of young professionals in leading specialised universities of Russia.


One of the important parts of the Company’s policy is the provision of social security to its employees. Among the measures for ensuring the social security are the following:

  • Special medical insurance for the Group employees and their family members;
  • Additional non-State system of pension support.


JSC GSE has strong and stable traditions in the social sphere of its activities, aimed at charitable purposes. The areas of priority for our charity work are:

  • Care for the young generation and veterans;
  • Aid to cultural and medical institutions;
  • Support of medical and environmental organizations.




Recepients of the Company’s charitable activities:

  • Environmental Expertise Foundation;
  • «Children of Yamal» Foundation;
  • Foundation for assistance to taxation reforms;
  • Arts Center for children of the North;
  • Foundation for participants in the Chernobyl NPP accident liquidation;
  • RF GAK veterans club;
  • Khanty-Mansiysk local history museum;
  • Hospital (city of Pokachi);
  • All-Russia Society of invalids;
  • Church of Protection charity foundation;
  • 28 heroes of General Panfilov War Memorial;
  • Foundation for assistance to Privolzhsk district RF Militia Troops.


Just in the past three years over 20 million roubles were spent on charitable purposes.


JSC GSE considers provision of Health, Safety and Environment protection (HSE) as one of the main goals of the Company’s business.


HSE plans, which are being developed for each particular construction project, are based on the «Main provisions of the Company’s HSE policy», as well as on:

  • The international norms
  • The national standards
  • The Client’s requirements and regulations
  • The project specifics

and aimed at:

  • Creation of healthy and safe working conditions
  • Minimization of damage to environment
  • Protection of Client’s interests

HSE measures include the relevant programs, procedures and, standards, as well as the necessary technical means, used for management and control in this area.

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Management system


Construction complex of «Globalstroy-Engineering» - is an optional association (that is not a legal entity) of subsidiary and depending facilities of JSC GSE and other facilities in the industry that carry out requirements established in the complex.

Integrated management system that is operative in construction complex of «Globalstroy-Engineering» was created for achieving goals of Construction complex, providing quality of construction produce and services, environmental protection, health and safety, and it responds to requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 international standards.

«Globalstroy-Engineering» construction complex integrated management system covers the following kinds of activity: Project management, general contractor duties fulfillment, design, feasibility investigations, carrying out of industrial safety expertise, survey of enterprises, implementation of construction, reconstruction, repair, putting into operation in civil construction objects (infrastructure objects, living and public buildings and structures) and those of industrial purpose, for:

  • chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas processing industry;
  • oil, gas condensate and gas deposits;
  • oil, gas and product pipelines;
  • high voltage lines;
  • utilities and engineering lines, electric equipment, automated data management systems;
  • automobile roads,

as well as for manufacturing of non-standard equipment, steel industrial structures, spare parts and equipments parts that are needed to carry out the above mentioned works.